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Give Yourself a REAL TREAT | October 2021 Newsletter

Friday, October 1, 2021   /   by Leticia Almaro Nicolini

Give Yourself a REAL TREAT | October 2021 Newsletter

Go Ahead... Give Yourself a REAL TREAT This Month
The month of October can be spooky, maybe even a bit scary, with monstrous problems. Yikes!! Well maybe not, but words like these seem to be popping up everywhere as kids and adults alike look forward to Halloween.
 In fact, according to USA Today, adults spend more on themselves at Halloween than any other day during the year. I get that, especially if they want to hang out with the kids ‘trick or treating’ or attend an adult Halloween party.
 Many homeowners and homebuyers though are truly scared. Scared to death of how they are going to get out of their house and into their  next one (the trick). See inside for details...

If you or a friend are thinking about selling, make sure  to choose a real estate team you can trust!

As you know, we love making guarantees! Like our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee: Love the home, or we’ll buy it back! Or our Seller Guarantee: Your Home Sold or We’ll Buy It! And we guarantee that a portion of our income WILL go to a very worthy cause like B Walker Ranch.

My Treat: As a result of working with over 5,000 families during my 20-year career, I have, together with my team created a special program to help both home sellers and home buyers alike. We guarantee the sale of a homeowner’s residence at an agreed to price. In the unlikely event the home doesn’t sell, we’ll buy it. That’s right. Now that’s how you turn a trick into a treat!

AND remember… Your referrals help the community.

Halloween is such a whacky, fun holiday to let your imagination soar in what costume to wear; in creating the perfect costume for your kids; or in playing practical jokes on your friends! But for those unable to celebrate in ‘trick or treating’ due to health impairments, tragedy or other circumstances, my heart breaks for kids unable to get out and have fun this time of year. Our team is dedicated to helping you and those you know buy and sell real estate, so we have more to GIVE to those in need in our community.

A CORE philosophy at our team is ‘the size of the portal you give through is directly proportional to the size of the portal you receive from’.Our mission is to Go Serve Big!!! Serve you, serve those you refer to us and of course, serve our community. 

A Real Estate Team that Gives Back.


As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, B Walker Ranch survives on Sponsorships and Donations to change and support an  idea who’s time has come. We proudly donate a portion of our income from real estate sales to B Walker Ranch to help them continue building this program and increase their awareness.

B Walker Ranch is on target to becoming a flagship property and model program that can be duplicated in communities everywhere.

BWR, a 10.63-acre parcel, is developing a variety of programs for adults with autism designed to foster self-advocacy by recognizing their individual needs and harvesting a sense of purpose within a farm environment. For most young people graduating from highschool at 18, they have an opportunity to go onto the next chapter of their lives. However, there are few “next steps” for young adults with  autism. We have an epidemic in this country as 1.5 million young people turning 22, ‘age out’ of their existing program with little or nowhere to go. It’s a critical issue.

Life moves fast and we are eager to make the Home Selling and Buying experience a smooth and rewarding one. Who do you know considering buying or selling a home that you could refer to our real estate salesteam? Not only will they benefit from our award-winning real estate service, but a very worthy cause will too. It is very easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members who are considering making a move.

Thank you in advance for your referrals! The best number to reach me: 925-216-7720

In over 2 decades of helping thousands of families sell and buy the place they call home, we have met so many wonderful, loving, caring people. We are so grateful. Thank you for reading this month’s Homeward Bound and for the many referrals over the years. Rest assured when you refer family and friends to us, they are in good hands, we treat them like our own.

Go Serve Big!!!
Leticia Almaro Nicolini
& The Almaro Team

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