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The Story of Aspen Dr

Friday, September 13, 2019   /   by Leticia Almaro Nicolini

The Story of Aspen Dr

The Story of Aspen Dr
AGENT: Leticia
SELLERS: Eddie and Sionie


Eddie and Sionie closed their home care business at the end of 2018 after over 20 years of caring for 2-3 people with limited/special needs.   They are seniors in their mid-80s, had been wanting to retire, were tired of working, wanted to go back to their country of origin to spend the rest of their lives in the Philippines.  They want to spend time with relatives they still have there and enjoy life at home.


I listed their home a year ago this month because at first they were ready to leave by the end of 2018. Then they changed their mind and said they wanted to stay until May or June 2019.  We run into dry rot issues under the subfloor of their home and nobody wanted to buy their house. We truly believe that if we, The Almaro Team, had not been there for them, they would not have sold their home at 5.75% over original asking price, they would have sold it at a 10% loss or they would still be living in their home unable to fix the repairs and perhaps forced to restarting their care home business again to substantiate the expenses needed, with no furnishings and no income other than their social security. 


This sale took a lot of energy, dedication, time, patience, understanding and hours of educating our clients on the process.  They wanted to help so much but had to let them know several times that it was best to let us do our job and they could just sit tight, very patiently they did.  They did not want to leave their home until it was sold. They ultimately agreed to take their home off the market for a month after retaining a 3rd party/investor for them to borrow money and pay for the repairs.  All the repairs it needed to pass the FHA/VA valuation were fixed, and the property sold over 5.75% of asking price ($31k more on their pocket) within 8 days after putting it back on the market. Overall, we had a lot of interested buyers, great feedback, ultimately a young couple were the lucky buyers and finally our clients were very happy sellers.  


Our sellers are excited to be going back “home”, extremely anxious to close up all their affairs, they are thankful for having had a decent peaceful life in the Bay Area and are most appreciative of the services we provided to them, above and beyond the call of duty in real estate. Here is a little clip of them I recorded the day we closed escrow!


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