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The Story of Pagoda Ct.

Monday, September 23, 2019   /   by Leticia Almaro Nicolini

The Story of Pagoda Ct.

The Story of Pagoda Ct.
AGENT: Julin
BUYER:  Vernon

Vernon came to us through our website, not only looking for a home but for a realtor. The experience with his realtor at the time wasn’t satisfactory, according to him this realtor often times didn’t make it to the appointments to show him properties and he felt on the quest of finding his home by himself. Once Vernon met with us, he felt confident that he had found the right team to get him his new home. 

We started the home search and showing of properties the same day we met. Vernon was already pre-approved with a lender for a VA loan, he knew how much he could afford for the purchase of the house, he didn’t want to maximize his budget. His dream home had specific requirements and he had a timeline to meet. 

The journey with Vernon was not easy for many different reasons, one particular reason was that he thought he knew how to negotiate a deal to buy a home because he had done it many years ago, in other words, he had  a hard time listening to the experts and following expert advice and it cost him his DREAM home. We presented a good offer for this house, the sellers countered offer asking to remain in possession of the house for 2 weeks after the close of escrow free of rent. Vernon didn’t want to agree to this, we explained the various reasons he should accept the counteroffer, but he was not budging, he rejected the counter offer, therefore the sellers chose another buyer and he lost the opportunity to get this dream home.  

Despite the heartache of losing his dream home, he realized he made a mistake by not listening to our expert advice and agreed that from then on he would follow our lead. We continued showing properties, we were approaching the end of springtime the market was getting hotter, prices were going up, buyers were offering thousands of dollars above asking price, so his options were limited. We put a few offers and many challenges arose: sellers getting divorced in disagreement to selling the house even though it was already on the market; sellers cancelling listings after receiving offers; a property was on a Conservatorship and the listing agent didn’t disclosed it; at one point our offer went into escrow and when the termite inspection came back it disclosed infestation in the master bedroom that would cost thousands of dollars and time to fix. Finally, we found the perfect home for Vernon, the negotiation and the whole transaction was a bliss, and in not time Vernon was moved in.

Looking back, we all realize that a series of challenging events occurred throughout, but we learned to work together as a team and never gave up in achieving the goal which it was totally worthy for our client. Vernon is very happy and enjoying his house with his family.


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