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Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Conducted A Mastermind Session For The Northern California Real Estate Team In Fremont

Thursday, March 30, 2023   /   by Emman Cristobal

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Conducted A Mastermind Session For The Northern California Real Estate Team In Fremont

NORTH CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2023 — Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty (YHSGR) is among the fastest-growing private companies in the United States and the Pacific Region. The real estate firm ensuring to deliver up to its name has a team of efficient, knowledgeable, and pledged customer-satisfaction-guaranteed individuals who are regularly trained to enhance further their client management skills and use of state-of-the-art methods to increase their business. Lori Hintz, the managing broker manager, organized a private mastermind session for the real estate agents on March 24th, 2023.

The mastermind sessions are a part of the company culture to keep up with their promise of performance-guaranteed agents that prioritize customers, cater to their specific needs, and engage with them in no time to deliver as per their requirements. Lori Hintz’s mastermind session had participants sharing knowledge with the goal of stimulating one another’s creative problem-solving. The company takes great pride in the fact that its agents have made such rapid and significant progress in their businesses in such a short period of time. YHSGR is known throughout the state of California as a premier marketplace for buying and selling properties.

The quarterly small groups’ private mastermind sessions are one of the many factors that set them apart from the rest of the industry. The scale and scope the agency brings for the agents allow them access to the 21st-century “working with buyers” system and “working with sellers” system, which is faster, filtered, and more precise than the conventional methods of searching the targeted audience.

‘Our mastermind sessions are most productive because we cater to small groups. We are training future real estate professionals to have ultra-modern skills and acquire expertise. We are confident in our ability to revolutionize the way real estate agents, buyers, and sellers live courtesy of our own Quantum Leap System, exclusive coaching, and Go Serve Big culture. YHSGR is a purpose driven entity and believes in teamwork.’ — Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Managing Broker / Manager Lori Hintz.

“A COMMUNITY – Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Part of our Success Formula is attending the innovative quarterly small groups private mastermind sessions, where there is a community of sharing. Everyone wants to help one another on their journey. Agents have massive quantum leaps in their business, and it is because of the “Experiential Learning” at the small groups mastermind sessions; an experience you can’t find on a Zoom call or a webinar, an experience that changes lives!” said Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty CEO Rudy Lira Kusuma.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Sales Manager Hazel Tubayan added, “We are proud to be one of the fastest-growing real estate companies nationwide. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is there for you every step of the way. You can count on knowledgeable agents with PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES that are ready to handle every situation, giving you the peace of mind that you made the perfect choice in a Real Estate Agent and Company!” Tubayan continued, “Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty and their agents know when you put others first, you will never be second!”

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