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Friday, October 1, 2021   /   by Leticia Almaro Nicolini

Give Yourself a REAL TREAT | October 2021 Newsletter

Go Ahead... Give Yourself a REAL TREAT This Month

The month of October can be spooky, maybe even a bit scary, with monstrous problems. Yikes!! Well maybe not, but words like these seem to be popping up everywhere as kids and adults alike look forward to Halloween.
 In fact, according to USA Today, adults spend more on themselves at Halloween than any other day during the year. I get that, especially if they want to hang out with the kids ‘trick or treating’ or attend an adult Halloween party.
 Many homeowners and homebuyers though are truly scared. Scared to death of how they are going to get out of their house and into their  next one (the trick). See inside for details...

If you or a friend are thinking about selling, make sure  to choose a real estate team you can trust!
As you know, we love making guarantees! Like our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee: Love the home, or we’ll buy it back! Or our Seller Guarantee: Your Hom; ...

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Wednesday, September 1, 2021   /   by Leticia Almaro Nicolini

The Backwards Holiday - Labor Day | September 2021 Newsletter

In case you are not sure of the title… It's Labor Day. The Backwards Holiday. Every year when it rolls around, I wonder why it is named Labor Day? Since it’s a Holiday intended to be just that, a Holiday – I would think a better name might be Relax Day or Lazy Day or Sleep in Day, maybe even Do-Nothing Day, something other than Labor Day. After all, we know what Labor means.
And many will likely be laboring on Labor Day like any other work day. Labor Day came about because workers felt they were spending too many hours and days on the job. In the 1830s, manufacturing workers were putting in 70-hour weeks on average.
Sixty years later, in 1890, hours of work had dropped, although the average manufacturing worker still toiled in a factory 60 hours a week. These long working hours caused many union organizers to focus on winning a shorter eight-hour workday. They also focused on getting workers more days off, such as the Labor Day h; ...

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Sunday, August 1, 2021   /   by Leticia Almaro Nicolini

Boy it's HOT and not just outside | August 2021 Newsletter

Boy it's HOT and not just outside.
You do not have to be a weather person to predict the weather this time of year. We all know… it is the hottest time of the year. But that is not all that’s hot. The economy is red hot too. By all measures the best economy in 20 years or so. This is good news for most of you reading this, however there will be some exceptions. There always are. An example is the seller who needs to sell, hit a certain number but because of their location misses their target. The buyer benefits. In most cases the seller is benefiting from the buyer paying more. Most homeowners who do NOT have to sell of course know this and will hold back on buying or selling. That will of course impact supply and demand. Results right now? RED HOT opportunities!

How does this impact you? Well, it is a HOT time to invest in real estate. Single family, multi-family, even farmland. If you did not get the memo, here is a special clause from our Buyer and Seller Agreements; ...

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Monday, July 5, 2021   /   by Leticia Almaro Nicolini

6 Mistakes to Avoid | Summer Newsletter 2021

InHouse Summer - 2021

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving up to Your Next Home
Unlike the experience of buying a first home, when you’re looking to move-up, and already own a home, there are certain factors that can complicate the situation. It’s very important for you to consider these issues before you list your home for sale. Not only is there the issue of financing to consider, but you also have to sell your present home at exactly the right time in order to avoid either the financial burden of owning two homes or, just as bad, the dilemma of having no place to live during the gap between closings.
In this Summer edition of InHouse, I outline the six most common mistakes homeowners make when moving to a larger home. Knowledge of these six mistakes, and the strategies to overcome them, will help you make informed choices before you put your existing home on the market.
*Feel free to share these SIX mistakes with anyone you ...

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Thursday, July 1, 2021   /   by Leticia Almaro Nicolini

Happy Freedom Month | July 2021 Newsletter

We assume the rights of freedom and debate its boundaries in politics, yet how often do we take time to reflect on what freedom means to us personally? Freedom is not a concept carved from stone; it is malleable and personal, always shifting shape depending on where you find yourself standing and the angle of the slanting light. My personal definition of freedom is the ability to act based on my convictions without external restriction or retribution. It is the ability to represent myself as I see myself to be, not having to hide or disguise who I am in order to pursue happiness, fulfillment, and growth. It is the power of free self-expression. Personal freedom is one of my top three values.
Of course, there are boundaries to freedom. My actions should not hurt others or restrict their personal freedoms, and so this is the dance of conscience. Will, what I want conflict with what others want or need? If so, how can I have the personal autonomy I need while respecting the freedom of t; ...

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